Friday, May 4, 2018

Why is this here?

Mobile gaming is an absolute shit show, filled with time wasting 'mechanics' designed to annoy a 'player' into spending money on something. At least this pestilence is more or less confined to phones and tablets, two things that I own but do not use for gaming.

So why the hell am I running into the same exact mechanics in a $60 JRPG with no downloadable content?

Ni No Kuni II is, to be polite, not focused. There is some standard third person exploration which looks good, plays reasonably, and was the recipient of the lion's share of time and funding. Then there is the overworld which is, again being too polite, a little retro in its presentation. Within this chibi world are larger skirmishes that pit the tiny hero and four surrounding units against battalions of monsters. I am not sure if I like these yet or not. They are a tad too difficult for their own good but that may be to a poor tutorial.

Then there is the kingdom building. For this there is an extensive tutorial, so I understand what is going on, but so much of it is locked behind arbitrary time limits. It is no good enough to build an armory, assign the appropriate citizens to it and then fund their research, you also need to wait twenty to thirty minutes in real time for the research to complete.

Why? Just why? What does this does beyond artificially retard the kingdom's advancement? And if you need to stop the research in one building to research a story based requirement, fuck you, all the time and the money spent on the initial research is lost.

This kind of system is fucked in the mobile market and double fucked coming the television in by cold, humid basement. What the hell.

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