Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Bats and Owls, oh my

Busy yesterday and not exactly brimming with free time today. Sometimes work becomes WORK, leaving precious little time for blogging, trolling Reddit or watching stupid YouTube videos.

I put off starting Batman: The Enemy Within until all five episodes were out, and even then I forgot about it for several weeks. Playing the episodes in quick succession is much more enjoyable for me than waiting weeks or months between them. Four out of five are complete and it is killing me that I will not have time to finish it off tonight.

Batman Season 1 ran like shit but played fast and loose with established characters. Thomas Wayne was a mobster. Vicky Vale was Lady Arkham. The Penguin was a skinny guy who grew up with Bruce. These changes along with spending more time as Bruce than Batman kept it from being just another caped crusader story. I also approved of the near total absence of The Joker as he is, or at least was at the time, played out.

It's story and characters could not make up for terrible frame rates, camera and audio issues and just general, constant wonkiness. All of the technical problems ares gone in Season 2, leaving behind a wonderful 'what if' story in the Batman universe. What if Harley was in charge and John Doe (who will be the Joker eventually) was over the moon in love with her? What if Bruce went undercover, working for her alongside Bane and Freeze?

(Bane and Freeze are boring. Bane has been interesting once, in Knightfall, and Freeze was a little too ready to kill people for no good reason.)

This is not Tales From the Borderlands good but it certainly better than anything else Tell Tale has done recently. I hope that the change in leadership had something to do with this upturn in quality.


Owlboy is okay. I have not played enough of it to go into more detail. It looks nice but the puzzles are very simple and the flying just feels off. Perhaps it will get better when it is not sharing time with a man dressed up as a bat.

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