Thursday, June 7, 2018

Fabulous Bats

I stand by my statement that Batman: The Enemy Within is very good, however I have seen all of Tell Tale's tricks and it obvious from the outset what was going to happen in the final chapter. There had been choices for the four previous episodes, some of which were important and had real consequences, but at the end of the game John Doe was going to become Joker and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

His path there could have gone two ways depending how Bruce treated him: he either went full on crazy or he became a vigilante, modeled after Batman, only Joker's endgame ended with more death and mayhem than anything Bat's could muster. It worked for me because my Bruce kept trying to pull him back, to explain to him that hero's don't kill. Back in season 1 I decided that Bruce gay and therefore spurned each and every of Catwoman's advances. I stayed true to that decision and, in my mind at least, Bruce had just a little crush on John Doe.

John does not return the affection, as he loves Harley, but that latent, perhaps suppressed emotion helps explain why Bruce tries over and over to rescue John/Joker from himself. When Bruce showed up at Joker's cell in Arkham during the post credits sequence I audibly went 'Awwww.'

The Enemy Within does not crack the top three (Tales from the Borderlands, The Wolf Among Us, Walking Dead Season 1) but it is a welcome return to form that gives me hope for the future. I am fine with The Wolf Among Us Season 2 being pushed to next year, as expectations are high on that one. On the other hand I will dutifully slog through the final season of The Walking Dead. I must now how they decide to kill Clem.

If she makes it through the final season alive I promise to do something terrible: I will try to play Bloodborne again. That is how confident I am that she is going to die, probably the same way that Lee did.

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