Thursday, June 28, 2018

I wish I had super strength

Steamworld Dig came and went with little fanfare. I played it months after its release, it did not offend me, and that's that. I do not remember much about it beyond the mining and it not being Spelunky, a game I hated. It was a Metroidvania with a lot of digging, and that was fine.

Steamworld Dig 2 is more of the same, with more being the operative term. The map is larger, there are more powers to unlock and upgrade, there are many more secrets hidden all over the place. It is also more difficult in places - for example:

This guy makes it look easy. When I did it I did not have the jet pack. It took about a half an hour and the reward was not worth it. Still, the challenge is there is you want it. Every cave has one obvious thing to collect and at least one hidden item. The game does you the service of marking a cave as complete when everything has been found which can really save time. There are two so far that I have not emptied out. It is killing me but I there is a big difference knowing what to do and that thing be very hard and having no idea what to do. One of those is kind of fun and the other is absolutely not.

No, I am not going to make another unfavorable comparison to Hollow Knight. I have let that one go. I have let than one go. I have let that one go.


Incredibles 2 was good. Not great, like the first movie, just good. It was the same movie as the first one, just gender reversed, which is fine, and with a terrible villain, which is not fine.

I've been there, Bob. I've been there.

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