Friday, June 1, 2018

Lying first impressions

Fallen Legion was added to the backlog based on a single screenshot:

Not this one, but you get the idea.

Looks just a little like Valkyrie Profile, right? Multiple characters assigned to individual buttons which leads to combo goodness. All that is true, and yet the game is still profoundly boring.

First the good, and there is good. The circle at the bottom represent hits in a combo. The fifth circle is glowing which indicates that the character whose attack ands in that circle performs a special move. As you play other circles can also gain bonuses, like a free attack or power boost. The character in the back has three different spells and is responsible for healing, resurrection and magic attacks.

Writing this out makes me angry because I am describing a game that I would like to play. The problem is in the execution. Enemy attacks always take precedence over your own. They can interrupt your combo, or even stuff a whole attack, and you cannot interrupt theirs. Blocking is required but far too difficult as enemy attacks are hidden, either by your own attacks or other enemies.

Could I have gotten better, learned to deal with the combat's shortcoming? Possibly, but that would require that there be more to the game than just the combat. There is not - the entire game is an overworld, which you have no control over, and the screenshot about, in which characters walk from left to right, which you have no control over. There are occasional questions about how to best manage your empire that effect both combat and the morale 'of the people,' but that's it.

Fallen Legion is part of a game. A very small part. It is more fit for a browser than a console, handheld or otherwise.

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  1. Profoundly disappointing. It's just not fun to play.