Monday, June 25, 2018

No sir

I didn't do it. I did not take up Chance's challenge to dive back into Hollow Knight for one more try. Even the potential reward for making him play Agony, a game so terrible that even I have not gone back to it, was not enough. The thought of playing more Hollow Knight is just too off putting. My gorge rises at it.

Once again I must state that I am not in any way saying the the game is bad, only that it is bad for me. Think Southern Comfort. I am sure there are many people who enjoy it. I am not one of them, at least not since a very unfortunate evening followed by an even more unfortunate day after at the hands of a bottle of the stuff and the boundless ennui of a college freshman.

Of course it was about a girl, shut up.

My game time should be as stress free as possible, hence spending four days on Lego Incredibles. It was a good Lego game. I am aware that this does not actually mean much as Lego games are extruded on the reg and are almost indistinguishable beyond the license tie in of the moment. There have been bad Lego games, The Lego Move: The Lego Game is an especially atrocious example, and Lego Incredibles is not one of those.

It was fine. It was fine and I did not lose sleep over it nor were any electronic devices in danger of being thrown. An inoffensive, cloying good time is still a good time, right?

Who exactly am I trying to convince?

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