Thursday, June 21, 2018

Why I hate From Software

My deep seeded disdain for From Software and the games that they are famous for is no secret. I hate that Souls-like is a genre. It has stolen many experiences from me, most recently Hollow Knight. All they would have to do is include difficulty options and I would be happy. Do not change the base game at all and dumb down for me and my ilk who cannot git gud. The most loyal fans of the games would still complain but screw them, they already have what they want. Opening up an experience to others does not diminish the original experience.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the president of From Software, recently went on record with Gamespot as to why they do no include an accessibility options:

"We don't want to include a difficulty selection because we want to bring everyone to the same level of discussion and the same level of enjoyment," Miyazaki said. "So we want everyone … to first face that challenge and to overcome it in some way that suits them as a player."

The creator continued: "We want everyone to feel that sense of accomplishment. We want everyone to feel elated and to join that discussion on the same level. We feel if there's different difficulties, that's going to segment and fragment the user base. People will have different experiences based on that [differing difficulty level]. This is something we take to heart when we design games. It's been the same way for previous titles and it's very much the same with Sekiro."

...give me a moment.

Fuck that guy right in the ear.

You know what that is? That's called gatekeeping. "We want everyone to feel elated and to join than discussion on the same level" but only if you are good enough or stubborn enough to overcome our draconian penalties for failure. He might as well have echoed the git gud refrain of the obnoxious Souls disciples.

It's tragic. They have made darkly beautiful games that they are intent on not allowing some people to see based on how good they are with a controller and their arrogance has flowed down through the games into the players themselves. What they have created is not inclusion. They have fostered an abusive split in their potential player base between those who can (and do not want to share) and those would like to but can't. While other developers work on opening up the experiences to more people, think easier execution in fighting game or more granular control over difficulty, they are running in the opposite direction, fueled by hubris or ineptness, possibly both.

From Software will never see another dollar from my wallet or minute of my time. Games that follow in their footsteps will receive the same treatment, regardless of potential quality.

Fucking Agony, an objectively terrible game, had more difficulty options than Bloodborne, a metacritic darling. Madmind Studio can't even get their game to run in a non-embarrassing way and they are still better at player accomodation than From Software.

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