Friday, July 13, 2018

An imaginary conversation

(This is a fictitious conversation. There are no No Men at Quantic Dream.)

David Cage - Let's make a police procedural starring a drunken lieutenant and a super android! They are investigating deviant androids who show signs of self awareness and the lieutenant hates all androids!

Qauntic sycophants - Yes!

Designated No Man - That's actually not bad, assuming you do it better than Penny Arcade's Automata or Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Cage - We'll debut the game with the super android investigator rescuing a child being held hostage.

Sycophants - Yes!

No Man - Again, not bad, but not very original.

Cage - Then we will change viewpoints to a female housekeeper android who is forced to choose between cleaning the sheets and rescuing a child from a sickeningly abusing drug addict father!

No Man - David, no, that is not a good idea.

Cage - And if the player calls our bluff we will kill the child and the android and lock off one third of the game.

No Man - David, are you listening? No.

Cage - I am just getting started! The rest of the game will be the struggle of other androids for equal rights!

No Man - How on the nose and disrespectful is this going to be the actual people who made actual sacrifices during the actual civil rights movement?

Cage - Androids can be parked outside in stalls while owners shop!

No Man - Meh.

Cage - Androids can only ride in the very back of buses in standing only android sections!

No Man - David, no. No David.

Cage - There will be a long segment in an android brothel that climaxes in a hand to hand fight against two female androids in their underwear! Who doesn't want that?

No Man - David, you pay me to do this: No.

Cage - Depending on how the relationship between the investigator android and the police lieutenant goes the android can either join the deviants or stay a machine and hunt down the deviant leader!

No Man - Okay.

Cage - The police lieutenant either grows to love androids or kills himself!

No Man - No. Just no. David, you aren't listening. NO.

Cage - Here's the best part: the deviant leader can free other androids with a touch. Later he gets more powerful and he just has to look at androids on the street and they will follow him!

No Man - You realize that by making the androids' free will dependant on the leader's touch, the leader's invitation, that it isn't free will at all? The androids are just trading their human masters for an android master. You are portraying free will as a disease that can be passed from machine to machine and the leader is getting so Christ like that I am worried you are going to put him on a cross.

Cage - No. No crosses.

No Man - Okay.

Cage - He immolates himself in front of the media out of protest! Then the army shoots the rest of the androids! It will be great!

No Man - I, um. *sigh* Go to hell David, you have several to choose from.

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