Friday, July 6, 2018

Fooled by the cuteness

The final boss of Assault Android Cactus brought the pain.

It was a mini boss rush of the hardest part of four of the five previous bosses interspersed with its own bullet hell section, culminating in an absolute visual clusterfuck of area of effect attacks, giant tentacles sprouting from the ground and nigh unavoidable attacks. It was glorious and frustrating.

After my hands recovered it took the seven androids who weren't Cactus for a spin and didn't like how any of them played so my time with the game is just about done. For the price of zero dollars I had a fine time and if there is a sequel I will jump on bored without hesitation.


Why do the Forza Horizon games work so well? Simple: the journey to and from events is just as much fun as the events themselves. There are things to see and do on almost every road plus the standard Forza concessions of a generous rewind function and color coded drive line are still there. It is a blast taking a monster of a vehicle and just bombing across the landscape, crashing, then rewinding a few seconds and trying again.

If you remove almost all of that, leaving just a empty, open world filled with very similar events, you have The Crew 2. There is no joy in the journey and the game knows it. Why else would it allow fast travel to and from all events, circumventing the need to interact with its barren wilderness of roads and poorly animated pedestrians?

The game is an empty shell that reminds me of how good Playground Games is as what they do.

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