Thursday, July 19, 2018

Just because he's dead doesn't mean he's slow

I have already admitted that Vampyr is rife with little problems that, while valid, do not detract from the overall experience. When I am in the right mood I can overlook quite a bit. On the flip side, I can dismiss stone cold classics for the tiniest offense and not think twice about it.

Remember what I didn't like about The Crew 2? It was missing concessions to the player that had become almost standard it its genre: a racing line and a rewind function. That (on top of some very poor race design) was enough for me to bring it up on video game court charges, a case I would have won if it ever went to trial. Vampyr does the same thing, though it absence was not as grievous in the early game. Only now, in the final chapters with most of the map unlocked, is becoming a real problem.

There is no fast travel.

The map is not overly large but Dr. Reid, the player character, does not move particularly fast, especially for a creature of the night. Roads between town centers are also filled with enemies that are difficult to avoid which forces the player to touch the worst part of the game, the combat. The total lack of fast travel exposes the player to more of the game's weaknesses than necessary. Allow me to hop between safe houses, like just about every other RPG/action RPG out there, and I won't be constantly reminded of how not fun it is to fight things.

The intrigue and coming confrontation between Dr. Reid and the Ascalon Club, a London based shadow government with immortals at its head, is keeping me interested. They are probably not going to get along, as two bosses ago I killed one of their enforcers, and I have no doubt that it will be entertaining. Reid is being set up as some sort of vampire saviour, created by the night itself to save London from something, which is a bit much. Just stick with the Ekons (high vampires) versus the Skal (low vampires) with Reid in the middle and I will be happy.

This is as close to Interview with the Vampire, the game, as we are ever going to get. I'll deal with the problems.

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