Monday, August 27, 2018

An honest endorsement

Holy shit, my contributions to this digital space have been sparse this month. I could make excuses but the truth is I was feeling creatively tapped out. I have been updated this blog almost every other day for over seven years. The blogosphere has come and gone in importance and my custom URL and stolen header image remain, a testament to stubborn laziness.

The same can be said for the podcast. Audio podcasts about video games are less than a dime a dozen, and while I like to think that Chance, Alex and I bring a little something different the truth is we don't. You can get gaming news anywhere and our opinions mean more to each other than to anyone else. So I took a few weeks off.

Then I came back, freed from my delusions of grandeur, because I wanted to talk about video games with friends, record it, and then maybe listen to it again later. I know full well that to gain any real traction I would need to edit the shit out of the episodes, add video and then throw them up on YouTube but I do not have that kind of time.

Scratch that. I do not have that kind of time to give away. Putting together a product of any quality would see me spending more time editing than playing video games and that is not going to happen. Selfish? Of course, but I am old and I need to get all of the play time I can before either my hands or my eyes give out. Or both.


Guacamelee 2 was an absolute delight to play. I have finished the main game, found the five magic macguffins and opened the giant, important door of ludicrously difficult optional content. I am talking Super Meat Boy, pixel perfect bull shit. Not the controller throwing, actually salty bull shit, just the 'you expect me to do that while controlling a chicken?' kind of almost humorous, finger torture bull shit. So it gets a few more attempts.

It brings nothing new to the table that the first game did not do, in fact I am not sure if there were even any new moves, and I didn't care. The combat was still free form and impactful, hitting the sweet sport between too easy and too hard every time. The required platforming is precise but not impossible and the optional bits put Celeste to shame.

And the humor lands each and every time. Guacamelee 2 is an honestly funny game with riffs of Street Fighter, Jet Li's 'The One' (a terrible movie) and an entire dimension dedicated to making fun of itself. Chickens fast travel through oversized plumbing. Dozens of donkey men fight over teaching Juan new moves. Another entire dimension dedicated to upgrades that serve no purpose. Everything works.

Go buy Guacamelee 2. Lucha!

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