Thursday, August 2, 2018

But I won't do that

Still paying Shining Resonance Refrain.


I enjoy RPGs that, when side quests are completed, do not require grinding. Dumping massive amounts of time into optional content should alleviate the need to kill several hundred mobs for the simple sake of killing mobs. I have no problem killing everything in a zone as long as I occasionally change zones and run into new enemies. Shining Resonance Refrain has a limited number of areas and even more limited menagerie of monsters and it expects that the player to kill lots and lots of them to level up.

The grind is so built into the game that there is a mechanic for it: the grimoire. There is a character the town (and there is only one town) that can teleport you to instances filled with monsters. Monsters in the real world drop tokens that can be used in the grimoire, basically allowing the player to customize their own area in which to grind for XP.

It's still boring as hell. There are tons of side quests but they are all simple fetch quests, many of which are repeated, and they rarely have rewards of consequence. So yeah, I am ready for the game to be done. It also threw and insane difficulty spike at me last night. I had used up most of my inventory on one fight and it decided that I needed to fight a big fucking dragon without a save or a chance to refill my inventory.

So I died. Badly. But the game has one conceit that saved it: dying to a boss does not automatically send the player back to a save point. Instead it returns the pause menu right before the fight. From there you cannot change characters but you can use items, change spells and, most importantly, change the difficulty.

I beat the big fucking dragon by dropping down to Casual from Normal and I have no regrets.

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