Monday, August 13, 2018

How old school?

How old school is Octopath Traveler?

It looks like a Super Nintendo game on steroids, or they lashed together several dozen of the old machines and forced them to act as one Super-Duper Nintendo. The characters are paper thin extensions of their classes and while they can be obtained in any order they definitely all need to be in the party before continuing.

NPCs have a '...' over their heads and only say one thing. Each player character has an ability that can be used on the NPCs but they are all different and you can only switch up your party at the bar. Enemies hit hard and save points do not replenish hit points or magic points.

Still not old school enough?

There are near constant unavoidable random battles.


But is it actually any good? I am not sure yet. I have only put it about two hours so the combat has not gotten stale yet. It may not because, even though new characters always start at level one, the combat around them scales to the other characters in the party. I am digging the pixelated, strangely out of focus look more on my TV than in handheld mode, but that, too, may not last forever. It is better than Shining Resonance Refrain but that isn't saying much.

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