Thursday, August 9, 2018

Piling on, aye?

Finally finished with Shining Resonance Refrain. It stopped being fun about ten hours ago but I was too stubborn, and the pile of unplayed games was too small, to actually stop playing. If nothing else it took an established bad guy from the beginning of the game right up to the end without any last minute swerves or double switches. Fighting the final boss meant something because I knew who he was and what he was trying to do.

Difficulty was an issue, or more specifically balance. I dropped it down to Casual from Normal and have no regrets, however the difficulty of random encounters and the difficulty of bosses still had nothing to do with each other. One of the final areas split the team in half and one group had no healers. It then threw them at enemies that could kill them in a few hits. I made it through at the expense of most of my inventory only to have the rest of the team pitted up against more of the same enemies with no break.

No shop, no place to save. It was bad. On top of that the difference between my levels and the enemies levels did not square with the amount of experience I was getting. On would assume that killing enemies ten to fifteen levels higher than the highest character would help them level up. Nope.

This was not a very good JRPG and I hope that Octopath Traveler washes memories of it away quickly.


Also, guess who loses his cushy job at the end of the month. Looking for work sucks. Writing a resume sucks. Interviewing is not bad but I enjoy talking about myself.

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