Monday, September 17, 2018

A boring pattern

A full weekend into Dragon Quest 11 and it feels like I am not getting anywhere. I only just met the last two party member (who have yet to actually join the team) and hit an emotionally poignant reveal but I still have no idea who or what the actual bad guy is.

Two weeks ago when Alex was in his pro-DQXI faze I asked if party members not in the battle line up gain experience at the same rate as the ones that are doing the fighting. He said yes and I got excited because that is what I thought I wanted. It turns out that my complaining for years about games not doing this has been all wrong.

Allowing characters not in the party to gain experience means that I will never actually shuffle the party. I have two teams right now that differ by one person: the healer. I do not need a dedicated healer for random encounters because enemies never do enough damage to kill so she is swapped out in favor of, currently, the jester character. For bosses the healer is in. That's it.

Granted, once I get a higher damage character the jester will be removed (because he really isn't that good) but that is the end of part variety. I suspect, or at least hope, that the game will through a curve at me later but right now combat might as well be automatic. Which is not exciting. Easy, but not exciting.

Twenty more hours? Something better change soon.

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