Friday, September 14, 2018


What's this? I am caught up and there is nothing I can work on? It must be Friday!

Seriously, I almost bought The Messenger just so I would have something to so while looking like I am doing something productive. Instead I fired up Slay the Spire after having quit the game a half a dozen times because I can walk away from it at a moment's notice. That moment never came, so guess what I did all morning.

Dragon Quest XI is progressing slowly. I should be able to wrap it up before 10/1, then again Shadow of the Tomb Raider just shipped and I would very much like to see how it looks.

There is a lottery ticket stuck on the fridge that could fix all of these problems, plus a whole pile more, and for a whole bunch of people. It won't happen but it is fun to pretend.

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