Friday, September 21, 2018

It's going to be close

I arrived at what I thought was the beginning of the end of Dragon Quest 11 last night, having collected the lat macguffin that unlocks a path to the world tree. No, Alex laments, you have at least twenty hours left.

Under normal circumstances this would not be a terrible thing. I am not having a bad time with DQII (except for the music) so there being more if it to go is not a bad thing. It is going to run up against the sequel to my game of the year two years ago, Forza Horizon 4, a game that I have actually purchased and I am pretty sure has already pre-loaded.

The demo has been skipped to temper my excitement. Should the two game meet, should I be forced to choose between murdering the 1000th cute monster and driving across the UK in an obnoxiously over powered machine with my hair on fire, I know what will happen, and it does not look good for DQII.

The nameless character just got moderately more amusing - I unlocked dual wielding. Yes, I take more damage and can no longer block at all, but it looks cool and hits even harder. The faster I can make random encounters, the better. There are a lot of them and I cannot start avoiding them lest I be unprepared for bosses.

Not grinding, no. Just killing what is in my way.

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