Friday, September 7, 2018

Not a wise investment

I have played all of We Happy Few that I can stand, what I believe to be around one third of it, and I need to collect my thoughts. The final few hours were significantly less annoying that the first few. All of the worst mechanics, not being able to run in towns or be out after dark chief among them, had been circumvented by skills, allowing me to fast travel from place to place and take care of side quests in an efficient manner. There were even a few very linear story missions that were almost interesting. Then Arthur's section was complete - he escaped from Wellington Wells. remember what a giant asshole he was as a child, and didn't know quite what to do next.

On to Act 2...

Act 2 strips away all of the purchased skills and hand the player a new character: Sally, the chemist who has been selling illegal blackberry joy to make ends meet. Not only does she not have any of the skills that Arthur ended with (she can't run in town, she can't be out at night) she also has no fast travel, cannot wield most weapons and has a tiny health pool. She can mix up chemicals to subdue enemies, which sounds good, only the game doesn't bother to give you any of the ingredients.

Taking that many steps backwards was almost untenable and that was before Sally's baby was introduced. She has to go back home fairly often to feed this child lest her guilt become too great and it lower her stamina. You read that right, keeping a baby alive (with no fast travel) is a gameplay mechanic.

That was the last straw. I turned it off, just like everyone else. According to the Xbox achievements less than 2% of players who started the game finished Arthur's act. Less than 1% finished Sally's and less than one half of one percent finished the third.

And Microsoft paid cash money for this studio.

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