Monday, September 24, 2018

We're getting the band back together

It is not uncommon for JRPGs to either end the world midway through or unleash some earth shattering event that the player needs to undo when they were supposed to have prevented it in the first place. Near Armageddon is a well worn plot device. Dragon Quest XI does it, it does it very well, in a way that develops characters, explains what happened in the first half of the game and (finally) generates a main bad guy.

A scary main bad guy, one who actually posses the power to make good on his threats.

I am in the process of reassembling the team after have spent a few months as a fish (no, really) and am pleased to find the world changed. Revisiting towns is less of a chore when the road there looks different and is filled with different enemies. I hope it doesn't take too long to get my main team back, though, as my dedicated healer is currently missing and that is a difficult hole to fill.

At any other time of year I would be happy for there to be another 40 hours of game to roll around in. Instead I feel rushed, like I absolutely need to get this game done and gone in six more days, and the game deserves better than that.


TellTale is gone, which is very unfortunate, especially for the 200+ people who are suddenly out of a job. I have heard the Ubisoft is sniffing around the ashes, looking for good people, so there is hope for some of them.

As a final fuck you to poor management I would appreciate the script for the last the episodes of the final season of The Walking Dead finding their way out into the public eye (assuming they exist). I really need to know what happens to Clem.

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