Friday, September 28, 2018

You! Yes you! Stand still laddy!

'Chamberlain, don't you have something to say to the class?'

Chamberlain was slouched at his desk, his head barely visible over the top. He groaned and rose, pulled to his feet by invisible marionette strings. Eyes followed him to the front of the class. There were snickers. Not subtle ones. Chamberlain took down names on a mental revenge list.


He sighed, loudly, and rolled his eyes, loudly, like only a disinterested middle schooler could.

'...Chance was right.'


There is a lot of Ninja Gaiden in The Messenger, so much so that it admits as much during the description of the first obtained power: being able to climb vertical walls. I would call it an homage and nothing more if I did not know that there was a twist coming, an opening of the linear gameplay and a generational leap in the presentation.

It's good. It's very good. If only the cursed joycons did not cause me so much physical pain to use. Why is there is not an actual d-pad on the left joycon? Why? I can play for an hour, maybe, before I am treated to a preview of what regular rock climbing is going to someday to do my joints.

Moderation, I guess, at least for this game. I do need to get some work done throughout the course of the day.

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