Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Just a packed schedule

I did not start Spider-Man on Wednesday after the podcast was recorded. Nor did I start it on Thursday (I honestly don't remember what I played on Thursday night). The assumed quality of Spider-Man on top of the proximity to the release of a certain western game led to a paralysis of choice. Spider-Man would not be finished in time, so it should not be started, but then what else am I going to do? With over a week of evenings to fill I was terrified.

On Friday I got a last minute text to go to a friend's house for good beer and Magic: The Gathering. I had not been out of the house all week so I jumped at the chance.

On Saturday I watched Rampage at the request of a member of its target audience: 12 year old boys. It was stupid fun, no more, no less.

After the movie I took a look around the Xbox game store and almost bought Soul Calibur 6. This didn't happen because I am firmly retired from fighting games and it would have been put aside just like anything else in about a week. Instead of that I cashed in my free two weeks of game pass, browsed its offerings and picked a few things to waste time. It did not go very well.

First, since it is October, I tried one more time to play Agony. The sound bugs and screen tearing have been fixed but it is still a terrible game. The stealth is pointlessly difficult, the puzzles are somehow worse than the puzzles in Hellblade, it's ugly, the voice acting is bad, you name it, the game is bad at it. I may have spent money on it but no, NO, I am not so desperate as to bull my way though this bad of a game. I uninstalled it.

Next, I gave Sinner a try. Sinner is a Dark Souls style boss rush without the interesting monster and level design. It's hook is that before each boss the player has to give up some power. The first boss lowered both my health and stamina. There was no second boss. the game was ass. I uninstalled it.

Sky Force Reloaded is just as grindy as Sky Force Anniversary. I don't why I tolerated it as long as I did the first time. I uninstalled it.

Samurai Shodown 2 had the AI stuck at 'fuck you, puny mortal' and there was no way to change it. I uninstalled it.

So, um, all that was left was Super Lucky's Tale, a child friendly platformer that no one actually played. It was fine. There were some issues with the side scrolling levels. namely that the physics of a 3D platformer do not translate directly to a 2D platformer. Lucky had a few two many frames of 'stopping' animation and not nearly enough coyote time so he would skid right off of smaller platforms. It was annoying but could be adapted to.

Like I said, the game was fine.

Tonight I will play through the Spring timed events in Forza Horizon 4. Tomorrow I will record a podcast episode with Change and Alex. Thursday, hmmm. Thursday I will have a few drinks and watch Tombstone.

And the rest of the year is set. Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man, Assassin's Creed Odyssey. There will be time for nothing else. And that's okay.

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