Wednesday, October 10, 2018

So much for the old English charm

In the first hour of the game Lara (probably) triggers the apocalypse. She picks up an ancient dagger without thinking about the consequences and a tsunami immediately destroys the nearest town. The game pulls no punches on the devastation, either, as Lara is forced to swim through water filled with the recently deceased and watch in horror as a child falls to his death.

After all of that, after indirectly killing hundreds of people, she finds the long suffering Jonah. Jonah knows that she caused this and has decided to stay and help as best as he can. And he has to convince Lara that now is not the best time to run off on the next part of the quest. She literally wants to pick up and leave at that very moment.

Yeah, Lara is not very likable. She's is incredibly self centered and does not see the chaos that she creates. Perhaps that is the point but right now I would sooner be controlling Jonah. Seriously, the first thing Lara does after a plane crash is find him and then ditch him again to go raid some tombs.

The game? Same as the last time around but the combat feels very inaccurate. Unless I missed it there is no way to stick to a wall for cover. For everything this series has stolen from Uncharted leaving that out is a mystery.

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