Thursday, January 31, 2019

I hope you like text

Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor Martyr has too many words in its name. But it's Warhammer, so being overwrought, wordy and far too complicated for it own good is a given. If it didn't have any of the over serious superfluousness then all it would be was another mediocre Diablo clone, which seems to be a theme for this year. Instead it is yet another mediocre Diablo clone that has layers of mechanics that I do not understand, are never explained, and that do not seem to required to not get killed.

There is one, and I mean only one, interesting mechanic that I would describe as unique. On top of the normal hit points gauge there is a suppression meter. As the player takes fire it does damage to both and, depending on the attack, it can harm one more than another. As the suppression meter decreases successful attacks have a greater chance of causing the inquisitor to stumble and fall. If the the gauge is depleted the inquisitor is officially fucked and can be stun locked to death.

In the realm of a 40K game, where bullets are everywhere and taking damage is not usually a problem, it makes sense. Sure, I have almost a bottomless well of hit points but taking a ton of fire hurts like hell and eventually it is going to knock me down.

I suppose I could describe it as a machismo meter, but I can't, because, well, current year argument.

That's it. Equipment management is boring and forces you to choose equipment base on its  'level' instead of it actual stats as the combined level of all equipment determines bonuses or penalties for missions. If your power level is below that of a mission it is not enough that the enemies are a little tougher, there are additional penalties to damage done and received.

There are multiple crafting areas that I have opened up a few times and never looked at again. Perks are earned based on requirements so deeply buried in menus that finding them is an achievement all its own. I am sure all of it would make sense if the game made an effort to explain anything. Instead it is preoccupied with using as many word as possible in basic conversation.

'Login rites and rituals to the machine spirit' is said without a hint of irony. So 40K, I guess? I have no love for painting miniatures so my knowledge of the source material is next to zero.

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