Monday, February 25, 2019

Just 'cause?

The previous two Just Cause games were delightfully silly open world slide shows. Stuff blew up real good, so good in fact that the game engine couldn't keep up. I never found the performance issues unforgivable as the core game play, going from town to town and blowing up a list of objectives, was consistantly enjoyable.

So why in world would Just Cause 4, a sequel to games about blowing shit up, include significantly less shit to blow up and less reason to blow said shit up?

Discovered towns in Just Cause 4 no longer have a laundry list of things to level. You know me, I love my lists. Instead there are a number of pointless, unrelated stunts to perform, all of which boil down to getting yourself through a hoop, either quickly or in a specific vehicle. That's it. Some are creative, yes, but they are not nearly as much fun and taking the head of a dictator's statue with a rocket propelled grenade.

Even worse, after a mere twelve hours of play I have unlocked all of the upgrades associated with these stunt objectives. Some still unlock vehicles, and I will do those, but there no reason to do any of the others. Some though was put into these objectives, albeit misguided, and yet the game give no reason to complete them.

And none of that is what I want to do, anyway. I want to blow shit up. There is just not as much to blow up and enemies pour out of the god damn sky like locusts as soon as poor Rico starts making trouble. And they are incredibly persistent.

But the game has yet to crash on me and has impressively short load times. *side eyes Metro Exodus, which did neither*

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