Monday, February 11, 2019

Something doesn't fit

Lego DC Super Villains was fine. It was fine. It was a Lego game, what more could it be? I stand by complaint about the voice. Only Lex and Batman were correct, as they either got the actual performers or some really damn good impressionists. Joker and Harley were bad.

Yes, I am complaining about the voice acting in a Lego game. This is what my life has come to.

Speaking of difficult revelations, the opening of DC Super Villains forces the player to create a new super villain. This new character is not always in the active party but he or she does gain powers as the game progresses, acting as a catch all solution for puzzles. There is also a nifty 'choose you side' moment at the end. The Justice League is back and are willing to forgive 'the rookie' but of course the villains want him to stay nice and evil.

I chose evil. Because fuck Superman, he's a bore.

Anyway. it took me an embarrassingly long time to settle on a design for this throw away character. I went back and forth between models, powers, walking animations, etc. Literally paralyzed by choice to settled on one of the premade options, naming him Handkerchief McBeardFace. This is why I played the default male Shepherd in Mass Effect - when forced to create my own character I freeze. Too many choices equals no choice equals default option.


Battlefield V is surprisingly ugly. I was not expecting anything more than a serviceable shooter, and I suppose it works, but textures are strangely muddy up close and you can see them pop between resolutions in the distance. Character models and death animations are not at all impressive. This does not feel like a AAA tent pole release. Perhaps Call of Duty was right to jetisson the single player portion in favor of another battle royale mode.

My shooter of choice comes out in a few days and there might, just might, be a new Doom this year so I am not hurting for single player FPPs. It is just strange to see one of the big two falter so hard. Battlefield 1 was actually pretty good. This? Not so much.

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