Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The tank that can see through walls

Battlefield V suffers from the same 'fake open level' syndrome that many other Battlefield, and for that matter Call of Duty, titles. It presents the player with a large(ish) open area with multiple objectives and the illusion of choice. In reality there is one way to succeed.

For example, I needed to soften up a town's defenses before the rest of my battalion attacked. There were three targets: a tank and two big ass stationary guns. I tried sneaking around to the stationary guns first, hoping to use those on the tank, but no dice, neither had the tank in their field of fire. I then tried to sneak around behind the tank, which was the right idea in the end, but it took me a goddamn half hour of reloads to find the correct path. Being seen by one Nazi alerted them all, as Nazis have an indelible psychic link (or something like that), and then the tank blew my ass away.

The final solution was to sneak along a very specific path, kill two very specific guards, then attach three pieces of dynamite to the tank before alerting it. That's not free form that's linear as shit. It was interesting when I alerted the enemies because the fight that followed was always chaotic and different but it ended in my death, every time. The only solution was also the most boring one.

I do need to acknowledge that the game does have building destruction down to a science. The first time I alerted the tank I ran inside of a building. Surely, I though, I will be safe in here.


A whole wall is gone. Then I died.

Next attempt I hid behind the building. No boom. Instead the tank drove through the building and flattened by ass. It was amusing the first few times, before the psychic Nazis got old, and I just wanted to quit.


Tetris Effect was pretty good. Not mind altering. It's no Rez. But it's pretty good. I did not play it in VR yet, as the final level is hard enough without a wearing a helmet, but I will get around to it eventually.

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