Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Two terrible tales

Artyom crouched behind the boulder, just out of sight of the slaves running the water pump. It was almost a relief to be underground again. The desert was hot and dry, two things that 20 years in the metro had left him ill prepared for. Several other spartans were already out of action thanks to dehydration. Artyon needed the water in this cave for both his comrades and their train. None of them were going anywhere without it.

The wheel turned and a slave stumbled. The tribal master turned to yell and Arytom made his move, along the edge of the cave, up the stairs and into a small radio shack. There was another tribal sitting, talking on the radio, just out of reach. Artyom crept forward. This had to be quiet.

In an instant he was behind the tribal. A quick hit to the back of the head was all it took. After a moment of satisfaction Artyom found that he could not stand. Moving to knock out the radio operator had placed him between a chair and a wall, a space so small that he had no right actually fitting into it. He didn't fit into it, but he could not move. Not forward, not backward. And the chair itself was impossibly heavy. He was stuck.

There was a voice in Artyom's head. 'Reload,' it said.


'Reload, you fool, before it's too late.'

Artyom, quite sure that years of radiation exposure had finally melted his brain, looked for the source of the voice. He saw no one, and then, out of the corner of his eye he saw the words 'CHECKPOINT SAVED.' Before he could react, the voice came back.

'You dumb fucker.'

There was a flash, Artyom blacked out and then was back almost before he noticed the change. He was still stuck between the immovable chair and wall of the shed. Looking at his watch he noticed that it was exactly one minute before he had heard the voice.

'Oh for fucks sake' came the voice. Artyom blacked out again.

He was back, shooting this time, trying to get attention, hoping that an errant shot from one of the slaves would knock him loose. They never made it into the radio shed but one of their attack dogs did. Artyom fired at it reflexively, killing it, and its corpse flopped on top of him. He still could not move and there was now a dead dog in his face.


'What, how, come the fuck on' came the voice.

In a flash it was two hours earlier. Artyom was back, not stuck, but standing where he was two hours before the incident in the cave. In his last moments he heard the voice one more time.

'Nope. Not doing this again.'

Artyom's world ceased to exist.

And Chamberlain was out $60.


Okay, Immortal Unchained. Stupid name.

I see a stamina bar. Not looking good. Dodging, running and melee attacks consume stamina. What's that smell?

Kill a few enemies. The controls function as advertised by the in game prompts. Use pillar to level up. Seriously, what is that smell, it's getting worse.

Hey, a mid boss type enemy. Jesus he hits hard. Killed him but used up all my health whatevers. I should head back to the pillar to recover. Why are all the enemies back, I just left the room two minutes ago. Holy shit, that smell, my eyes are watering. What is it?

Oh crap, I died. Where did all my credits go? Sitting there on the ground?


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