Monday, February 4, 2019

When did I get so nice

First, I neglected to post a link to my own podcast week. Please see nifty ShoutEngine player at the bottom of this post. Not that there is anyone who frequents this blog that is not actually in the podcast. Still, sorry boys, my bad.

Second, I fear that I was a bit too kind to Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor Martyr totally not based on Event Horizon the game of the miniatures. Levels are based on about three different templates and blend together. Disparate weapons all feel remarkably similar. Crafting remains baffling and oddly ineffectual. And the leveling system...

I mentioned before that each mission has an arbitrary number attached to it - arbitrary as it the next is always more than the last. The number is compared to the player's power level and if they come in about or below additional penalties are bonuses are applied. It's monumentally stupid and serves only to force the player to grind sub-missions for identical but slightly more powerful equipment in order to attempt the next story mission.

A 10% increase doesn't sound like much, but where there are a dozen things shooting at you, that shit adds up fast.

Odd difficulty spikes add the frustration. One leader type enemy has the power to heal itself over time. It does not have this active at all times but when the skill is kicked off the best the player can do is maintain fire and wait it out. This keeps the enemy from healing. Too much. Fighting two of these at the same time was total bullshit.

At least there are no lives in story missions. Death has no penalty other than lost time. I am only playing this because Metro isn't out yet.


Chamberlain and Chance - Baby it's cold outside

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