Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Not a punishment after all

That powerful being that I thought I did wrong yesterday? The one who led me to Crackdown 3 after twenty minutes of Smash Ultimate and ten minutes with a surprise graphical novel? It turns out that he is much more benevolent than I thought. Crackdown 3 is not shit. Crackdown 3 is actually a lot of fun, so long as nothing more is expected of it than being another Crackdown.

I never really understood the backlash against the second Crackdown. It was more of the same, and for more there was nothing wrong with that. It was still a game about jumping around a city, collecting agility orbs, making occasional stops to shoot people and blow things up. And that is precisely what Crackdown 3 is, just a little shinier.

Ok, honestly, it's a bit too shiny. A bit too Tron for its own good.

This is not a deep game. Anyone expecting it to be a brand new experience is in for a disappointment. I am getting exactly what I came for, and after a scant three hours I will say that the moment to moment gameplay, the act of leaping tall buildings in a single build while firing a rocket launcher and anyone and everyone, is more fun than the moment to moment gameplay of Just Cause 4.

It also, if what I have read is true, has the sense to not be a gigantic time investment. Crackdown 3 is the unhealthy snack food of gaming. It's the Doritos of the game that came out last month. I like it in spite of its questionable quality, and left to my own devices I will finish the whole damn bag in one sitting.

That would make Metro Exodus the skunky beer of this February's releases. You can't make me finish it.

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