Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Who am I again?

I have things to say about how The Walking Dead ended. Some nice, some not so nice, but they are reserved for the podcast. Tune in tomorrow for dead hot takes.


Kingdom Hearts III is kind enough to include a six part primer on the events that led up to it. I watched all six parts before starting the game and understood less than when I started, in fact I think that trying to comprehend the Sisyphean morass that is the over arching Kingdom Hearts 'plot' has forced other more important information out of my brain. Things like where I live and how to breath.

It's like anime watched more anime and decided it could out anime the anime.

If nothing else the game does outrageous spectacle well and often. Fights against standard heartless enemies can culminate in Sora, Goofy and Donald jumping into over sized tea cups and crushing their enemies before them. It may get old eventually but at only two hours in I still find it at least amusing. 


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