Monday, May 6, 2019

Not him again

Far Cry New Dawn feels like a more reasonably sized Far Cry 5. It's not the wild, interesting departure from the norm that Far Cry Primal was, it is just Far Cry 5 plus a few years, a nuclear apocalypse and by the way, never mind that Rage 2 comes out soon.

I would be lying if I said that it wasn't fun. The Far Cry style of open world shooters works better on a smaller scale. This is a smaller map with less to do, less places to clear out, less outposts to take over, literally less of everything. And that's okay. Maybe open neighborhood is a better term than open world.

Games don't need to be 100 fucking hours long. I am looking at you, Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Yes, you were good, but god damn did you need an editor.

That is not to say that New Dawn does not have at least one capital P Problem, at least plot wise. Far Cry 5 featured a terrible downer of an ending. Joseph Seed was right, there is a nuclear attack and to top it off the player character ends up trapped in a bunker with this maniac until the world is not quite so radioactive.

Spoilers coming!

Joseph Seed is still alive in New Dawn and the game seems to be trying to redeem him as a character. he has saved his people, holed up in the north of Hope County in an anti-technology stronghold. He then left his son in charge (and if you played a female rookie in Far Cry 5 this has terrible, terrible implications) and hid out in a shack waiting for the current player character to find him.

And when you do? He literally plucks a forbidden apple off of a tree, makes you eat it, at which point you fight the evil in your own soul. In the form a big ass bear. Subtle, this is not.

I don't think anybody wanted more Joseph Seed, especially after how the last game ended. And now to humanize him? To try to paint him as almost sympathetic? Icky.

It should be over tonight. And then? And then it is time for Anthem. Prepare yourselves.

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