Monday, July 1, 2019

My final answer

I attempted Sekiro. No really, it was an honest attempt. I made it much longer that I did with Bloodborne, and the 90 minutes I lasted was much less interesting and was therefore not documented. My reaction was not one of frustration but one of boredom. I simply was not having any fun. It was not the difficulty that was a turn off, though do not get me wrong, the game is fucking hard, it was the pacing. I spent so much time doing nothing, or worse yet, not doing what I wanted to do, that I didn't want to play.

Sekiro has its own set of rules, rules that player must adhere to lest he or she die horribly, and I could not find enjoyment within those rules.

For example, fighting more than one or two guys at time equals death, at least at my meager ability. This means picking your way through levels as a snails pace as to not alert the rest of the goddamn map. Yes, stealth game, but if the game wants to act as a stealth game at least give me a level or two to learn the stealth mechanics.

I do not appreciate being thrown so willfully into the deep end. Especially when the deep end is filled with shark. Sharks with long ass swords.

The combat, or what little I saw of, was certainly precise but I would not call it enjoyable. Each encounter played out the same: wait for enemy to attack, attempt counter. Counter successful equals enemy dead. Counter failed equal Chamberlain dead. This is not the free formed, open ended combat of Devil May Cry or God of War, this is a flow chart in which all but one result equals death.

'But Chamberlain' you whinge, 'it's gets better later.'

I believe you. I honestly do. But if a game cannot hold my attention for the first 60 minutes how can I trust it do any better with the rest of my time?

This was my last attempt at a From Software title. They are not official in the same category as NIS as makers of games that I can not, do not and will not enjoy, regardless of their quality. I had more fun playing Rage 2, a thoroughly mediocre and forgettable open world shooter, that I did with Sekiro. Want proof?

I am going to play Rage 2 again tonight. And I will play it again tomorrow night. And I will play it every night until I am done with it.

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