Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I am sitting in a hotel room containing a television of acceptable size. The television sports 2 HDMI inputs, along with a component input just in case. This morning I had my 360 mostly unhooked, but decided against it, because I did not think I would have time to use it.

Here I am, with nothing to do, and nowhere to be until 11:00 tomorrow morning. Perhaps I will drink.

Driving through the great north woods of Wisconsin with nothing but my high beams and a total trust in my GPS to guide me was oddly reminiciant of what I have been playing lately. The rally courses in Forza 3 are some of the best I have ever seen, rivaling even what Dirt 2 had to offer. They are in my head now, and I had to restrain myself several times from taking the racing line through a blind corner, ignoring oncoming traffic and potential death. Does this make a racing simultor more dangerous than a murder simulator? The odds of me getting a hold of a machine gun with a chainsw welded to the barrel is very small, but I drive a car every day. There is always the possibilty that I will foget what I am doing and take a straight line through an S curve, right?

Sure, right after I get that black Countach.

Dark Void is probably waiting for me at home right now. Bah, I should have brought my 360 and practiced my links in Street Fighter.

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